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About the Forums and New Sheet Music Suggestions Forum

What are the "Forums"?

      The Music Forums are available for guests, customers and Members to discuss of any music related topic as well to offer Virtual Sheet Music advice and recommendations, and to request new sheet music titles.

What is the "New Sheet Music Suggestions Forum"?

      The New Sheet Music Suggestions Forum is a section of the Forums available for guests, customers and Members to suggest new sheet music titles to be added to our archives. All suggestions will be evaluated (without obligation). See the Legal Notice for more information.

Can any question about any topic be submitted to the Forums?

      Yes, as long as they are relevant to the general topic of music.

Can personal ads be added to the Forums?

      No. The Forums are established as a means of communication and information exchange about music. Any off-topic posts will be removed without notice.

Can I post sheet music requests?

      Yes, of course! You can request any composition not yet present in our catalog in the New Sheet Music Suggestions Forum. Just remember that, while we value all suggestions, we reserve the right to evaluate them without obligation.

Will every suggestion be accepted?

      All suggestions and recommendations will be evaluated by Virtual Sheet Music for possible action. Virtual Sheet Music reserves the right to implement or not implement all suggestions/recommendations.

What can I do to obtain priority in requests?

      Become a Member! Members receive priority in sheet music requests (see the Legal Notice for details).

Do I need to register to post messages on the Forums?

      If you are a Member you should be able to login on the Forums with your email and password, otherwise yes, you have to register. If you have problems, please Contact Us.

I am in your Newsletter mailing list: do I need a different registration to post on the Forums?

      Yes, Newsletter mailing list subscribers need to register separately to be able to post messages on the Forums such as any other user (except Members).

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