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Sunday, April 24, 2016
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Dear Musician and Music Lover,
new sheet music has been added to the Virtual Sheet Music site.

I am sending you this letter to inform you of our latest additions and news (as you requested). Today we are also featuring our first music commentary, with deep musical insights, from our senior editor Jennifer Vose.

Higher Discounts for Members!

We're excited to announce that we are now offering discounts up to 70% on the digital sheet music repertoire from Hal Leonard and Alfred. Such new, unbeatable low prices are offered only to our exclusive Members thanks to a new special relationship we have with the Hal Leonard and Alfred music publishing companies. You can find popular sheet music titles for just $2.99, or even $1.49, ready to download and print.

And don't forget: Members also always get our own high-quality and exclusive sheet music, including audio files and interactive features, for free.

Learn more about Membership and its benefits, and join today from the link below:


We look forward to having you join us as a Member!

Sheet Music Showcase of the week

Alexander Ilyinsky: Berceuse (Lullaby) Op.13 No.7 for piano solo

Every week, we showcase an item taken from our high-quality digital sheet music collection. Try it and check out the look of VSM's high-quality sheet music!

Free Sheet Music of the month

These are high quality, downloadable and printable digital sheet music titles by
Virtual Sheet Music offered in PDF file format complete of audio MIDI and Mp3
files. Most of our free sheet music also includes Mp3 accompaniment files to
play along with your computer or Mp3 audio player.

Etudes-Caprices Op.18 for violin solo or two violins"Etudes-Caprices Op.18" for violin solo or two violins, by Henry Wieniawski

Schubler Chorales (original) for organ solo"Schubler Chorales (original)" for organ solo, by Johann Sebastian Bach

and more free sheet music on the page below:


New High Quality Sheet Music

These are high quality, downloadable and printable digital sheet music titles by Virtual Sheet Music® offered in PDF file format complete of audio MIDI and Mp3 files. Most of these items also include Mp3 accompaniment files to play along with your computer or Mp3 audio player.

Meditation Op. 32 for violin and piano"Meditation Op. 32" for violin and piano, by Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov

Sonatas Op.2, M.S. 10 for violin and guitar"Sonatas Op.2, M.S. 10" for violin and guitar, by Nicolo Paganini

Fifty Piano Pieces for First Beginners Op.70, Book I for piano solo"Fifty Piano Pieces for First Beginners Op.70, Book I" for piano solo, by Hermann Berens


New Exclusive Transcriptions and Arrangements in High Quality Sheet Music by Virtual Sheet Music®

These are exclusive high quality, downloadable and printable digital sheet music titles by Virtual Sheet Music offered in PDF file format complete of audio MIDI and Mp3 files. Most of these items also include Mp3 accompaniment files to play along with your computer or Mp3 audio player. These arangements are exclusive, and cannot be found anywhere else!

Moments for trombone and piano"Moments" for trombone and piano, by Andre Van Haren

Moments for trumpet and piano"Moments" for trumpet and piano, by Andre Van Haren

Moments for horn and piano"Moments" for horn and piano, by Andre Van Haren

Moments for bassoon and piano"Moments" for bassoon and piano, by Andre Van Haren

Moments for soprano saxophone and piano"Moments" for soprano saxophone and piano, by Andre Van Haren

Moments for oboe and piano"Moments" for oboe and piano, by Andre Van Haren


New Sheet Music from Hal Leonard or Alfred publishers

These are printable, and often interactive, digital sheet music titles from Hal Leonard and Alfred publishing.

They are available for a price, but we offer a discount of Up to 70% for Members (see below how to become a Member!)

Peppermint Twist for horn solo"Peppermint Twist" for horn solo, by Joseph DiNicola

Spanish Flea for clarinet solo"Spanish Flea" for clarinet solo, by Julius Wechter

Put Your Hand In The Hand for cello solo"Put Your Hand In The Hand" for cello solo, by Gene MacLellan

Satin Doll for violin solo"Satin Doll" for violin solo, by Johnny Mercer

  more new sheet music...

Free Video Scores of the month

These are YouTube videos created from our high quality PDF digital sheet music
and audio files. Consider them as a showcase of our high quality digital sheet
music with audio files.

"Ave Maria" for piano solo, by Franz Schubert

"Easter Collection - Easter Hymns and Tunes" for flute and piano

and more are coming on our YouTube channel (be sure to subscribe!):


Enjoy the music more than ever!

commentary by Jennifer Vose, senior editor

Celebrating Earth Day with the music in mind...

With Earth Day recently past and environmental consciousness fresh in our minds, many of us have set forth ambitious intentions to recycle more, commute around town by bike or on foot, replace any lingering incandescent light bulbs, buy more local, organic foods, or maybe even install solar panels on the roof. But as is often the case with other once-yearly observances, the spirit engendered by a holiday, like Earth Day, eventually wanes, giving way once again to old habits and routines that favor convenience, affordability, or fading motivation to do the difficult work of "going green." If only we could keep kindled the spark of motivation to live green all through the year beyond the limited reaches of Earth Day!

Classical music may seem an unlikely place to turn for motivation to treat your garden with organic fertilizers, and purchase reusable water bottles instead of those dreaded plastic ones. In fact, composers for centuries have expressed deep love for and connections to the natural world which are vividly reflected in their compositions. Beethoven, for example, passionately remarked, "How glad I am to be able to roam in wood and thicket, among the trees and flowers and rocks. No one can love the country as I do... In the country every tree seems to speak to me, saying, 'Holy! Holy!' In the woods there is enchantment which expresses all things!" Beethoven may not have needed to concern himself with his carbon footprint, but the lasting legacy of his and other nature-inspired masterpieces may help keep us on track when we forget about the threats to our planet in the 21st century.

Without digging too far into the archives, we find a treasure trove of composers whose music reflects the way nature stirred their pens and souls; and when we listen to this music that evokes nature's strength, beauty, fragility, movement, stillness, and wonder, perhaps we'll be continually inspired to care for our planet, even when life affords us precious little time to immerse ourselves in the simple beauty that surrounds us. Have a listen (or a view) to some of these nature-inspired works for some much-needed reminders that our beautiful planet does need our tender care each and every day:

Conrad Kocher: "For the Beauty of the Earth" for voice, piano or other instruments
(included in our Thanksgiving Collection)

Antonio Vivaldi: "The Four Seasons" for violin and piano

Louis-Claude Daquin: "Le Coucou" for piano solo

Ludwig Van Beethoven: "Spring Sonata" for violin and piano

Gioacchino Rossini: "La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie)" for piano solo

Franz Joseph Haydn: "The Lark" for string quartet

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Thank you!

COMING SOON in high quality, pure PDF digital format with audio files

Maurice Ravel: "Ma Mere l' Oye" for piano four hands
Giulio Caccini: "Ave Maria" for voice and piano
Hermann Berens: "50 Piano Pieces for First Beginners, Op. 70 Book II" for piano solo
Antonio Vivaldi: "Summer from The Four Seasons" for string quartet
Johann Sebastian Bach: "Partita in A minor BWV 1013" for flute solo
Johann Sebastian Bach: "Arioso" for viola and piano

...plus more music for other instruments and ensembles.

Stay tuned!

Fabrizio Ferrari, CEO
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
Just reply to this e-mail with your queries or requests.

Until next time... enjoy the great music!

Fabrizio Ferrari
CEO, violinist and music composer
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