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How to Hold the Flute

Join Robert and Florence Estrin in this exciting video about flute posture

Released on March 5, 2014

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Anne-Marie * VSM MEMBER * on January 7, 2015 @11:17 am PST
Thank you, for this great tip. How do you position/ align the head of the flute to the body of the flute? Any tips? Thank you for your great lessons.
Florence Estrin on January 7, 2015 @1:14 pm PST
In my video "How to put a flute together" you will find my tips.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on January 7, 2015 @4:48 pm PST
Yes Anne-Marie, here is the video Florence has just mentioned:
anita mcmullen on October 28, 2014 @11:47 am PST
hi Florence I watch you on hold th eflute myquestion is when you pivet do youmove your rigt side to thank you
Florence Estrin - host, on October 29, 2014 @1:05 pm PST
Simply turn left from the waist up. Your entire upper body pivots left.
anita mcmullen on June 12, 2014 @3:57 am PST
hi I am learing to play the flute I got a metronome I do not know how to used it when I set the beats do I play the notes when the beats play or do I wait thank you
Vern on May 28, 2014 @2:38 pm PST
Wonderful tip, I think it will greatly improve my small ache while playing my instrument.
anita mcmullen on May 22, 2014 @5:38 am PST
question do you move your neck while playing the flute thankyou
Florence - host, on May 22, 2014 @11:29 am PST
Flutists should tilt their head slightly in order to accommodate a more comfortable position for the arms. Make sure by checking in a mirror that the flute is not sagging more than the tilt of your head creating a gap under the right side of your mouth. Once in position you should keep extraneous movements to a minimum and not jerky.
Carolyn Kono * VSM MEMBER * on March 19, 2014 @2:16 pm PST
Thank you for posting this very helpful information. I actually have ulnar nerve damage that causes my left hand to cramp after a short while of playing. I think this change in positioning will help me immensely. I look forward to more episodes of The Flute Show.
Jan Booth * VSM MEMBER * on March 5, 2014 @2:22 pm PST
i have played the flute for many years and have never heard that simple change. As a community orchestra conductor , I will try this posture with my flute players. Thank you for sharing your experience.
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