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Tonalizations for a perfect intonation

Learn how to accomplish perfect intonation on the violin

Released on December 4, 2013

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Karen+Wenzel * VSM MEMBER * on March 29, 2014 @4:54 pm PST
I am not finding the "tonalization" sheet referenced in your video here at Virtual Sheet Music. Can you help?
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on March 31, 2014 @9:16 am PST
Hi Karen. You can download the PDF file of that mentioned sheet directly from the same link shown on the video:


Please, let me know if you need further help, I will be happy to assist you.
Karen+Wenzel * VSM MEMBER * on March 31, 2014 @10:25 pm PST
Thank you so much, this worked perfectly. I was attempting to find it listed amongst the musical offerings and couldn't find it. Again, thank you for your help.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on April 1, 2014 @11:29 am PST
Dear Karen, you are very welcome!

Thank you again!
Trina * VSM MEMBER * on December 11, 2013 @8:18 am PST
Thank you so much for this!!! This was new information for me. It was always obvious to me to hear the ringing tone of the 3rd finger placed on the A and D strings in 1st position but had never thought about the first finger on the G, D and A strings resonating. In fact I'm aware of sometimes being slightly off intonation-wise when playing a first finger B on the A string- and frustrated as to why- You've given me a solution to this problem!!
Lora - host, on December 11, 2013 @10:37 am PST
Hi Trina
I'm so glad you will benefit from the exercise as I did! B is a tricky note, but it sounds like you are hearing it just fine! Keep up the good work.
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