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Are 30 Minute Music Lessons OK?

Find an answer to a common question in the music teaching world.

Released on March 5, 2014

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Maria * VSM MEMBER * on March 13, 2014 @2:09 pm PST
You are so right Robert- a great teacher teaches more than just the current lesson-he or she has the ability to include the student in the whole world of music and all the beauty that it offers.
Maria * VSM MEMBER * on March 12, 2014 @3:07 pm PST
As I entered my teens and working, I scheduled violin lessons at the end of the day so my teacher and I could indulge in our favourite piece for a while- the Bach D minor Double violin concerto. Those times were the best, because we thought of this as a reward for a hard-working lesson.
Robert - host, on March 12, 2014 @4:37 pm PST
I was fortunate growing up to study with my father Morton Estrin who is a great teacher and had a phenomenal career performing the piano and has a great recording legacy. I also studied the French horn and was lucky to have a teacher who would spend the afternoon at my home each week exploring literature, listening to recordings and playing duets. Hugh Cowden had played in the Chicago Symphony, New York Philharmonic and the Boston Symphony and provided great inspiration for my musical development.
Fulvia Bowerman * VSM MEMBER * on March 5, 2014 @11:22 am PST
If the child is truly interested in music, time has no relevance. Mother was a pianist, and I would spend hours standing by the piano listening to her practice! I finally got my first lessons at age 2 and 4 months! She had to say when it was enough for the day, because I would not quit! In fact, I can still remember that she would lock the piano so that I would not sneak in that room later in the day, climb on the stool and reopen it!
Rebeca Moulds * VSM MEMBER * on March 5, 2014 @6:48 am PST
HI Robert. My Shockwave Flash player isn't working so I couldn't watch your video. I started piano lessons at age 6 and managed to sit through 30-minute lessons with no problem. In fact,as I got older, I could have sat through one hour lessons. I loved my teacher; she was truly amazing. I never missed a lesson in eight years, and didn't have a break for summer either.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on March 5, 2014 @8:07 am PST
Hi Rebeca, I am sorry you couldn't see the video. You can try to install Flash again on your browser:

Please, let me know if you need any further help.
josh r. on March 5, 2014 @6:34 am PST
very helpful u spend a hour praticing with parent for at least a hour so this video was very helpful
josh r. on March 5, 2014 @6:35 am PST
i mean i spend a hour on my clarinet and oboe
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