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The Periods of Classical Music, Part 1: The Baroque Period

Discover the most important and interesting aspects of the Baroque Era in music

Released on November 27, 2013

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A. Gildea on January 23, 2014 @9:27 am PST
Beginners, best drills for playing the piano with both hands. Thanks.
kendah on December 8, 2013 @2:33 pm PST
thank you so much for all useful informations provided to us.
kendah on December 4, 2013 @2:58 pm PST
hi mr.robert. please i want to know what's the basic technique for crossing hands on piano, and thank you so much.
Robert Estrin - host, on December 4, 2013 @6:31 pm PST
The great challenge of cross hands playing on the pianos is figuring out which hand goes over and under. This is a great subject for a future video!
JUAN MANUEL GONZALEZ DE COSIO * VSM MEMBER * on November 28, 2013 @12:28 am PST
I now have a better understanding of baroque, thank you!
Maria * VSM MEMBER * on November 27, 2013 @2:45 pm PST
Thanks Robert, you have perfectly described my favourite musical period! Look forward to the next one.
François Leroux * VSM MEMBER * on November 27, 2013 @11:24 am PST
Merci, merci, merci! Robert, you have very well explained and decripted baroque in such a short video. Looking forward to part II.
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