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Dealing with failure in a musical performance

How to react when your performance doesn't go as well as planned

Released on October 9, 2013

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JUAN MANUEL GONZALEZ DE COSIO * VSM MEMBER * on November 11, 2013 @8:05 am PST
Dear Bob, this is one of your greatest video lessons ! Thanks so much ! And one more thing, I appreciate very much your English. Although this idiom is not my mother tongue, I speak and understand it reasonable well but not perfectly well. However, although you speak a little bit fast, your English is impeccable and therefore I can understand it 100%. I think my comment is important because there should be hundreds of piano lovers from other countries that watch your valuable lessons and you make them crystal clear with your perfect English. Thanks so much ! You are a great teacher ! My Best to you, Juan Manuel.
Robert Estrin - host, on November 14, 2013 @11:34 am PST
Thank you Juan Manuel - I'm so glad you are enjoying the videos!
Surangika Senanayake on October 26, 2013 @1:55 pm PST
Very useful and to the point; enjoyed it and shared it. Thank you.
Wolfgang Gerling on October 24, 2013 @2:45 pm PST
Thanks for your attention.I saw your interviews and completed my curiosity with your information abaout brands and tones.
Here in Brazil I have an Essenfelder.The best brazilian piano ever made.Florian Essenfelder worked at Bechstein as a technician and came to Brazil before WW I .
Once more thanks for your attention..
Wolfgang Gerling on October 23, 2013 @4:26 am PST
Hi ,Mr.Estrin.First of all I may say that I appreciate all your videos and the enthusiastic way you explain all kinds of matters related to pianos.I am not a pianist , I only play the piano and love everything related to the king of instruments.
I would like to know your opinion or considerations about the following:
I am used to hearing Steinways and Bosendorfers throughout records,as well as other brands . I like to compare the sound of each instrument according to the kind of music ,
But, some weeks ago I was lucky to go to a friend's piano store and there, there was a 1960 Concert Pleyel .For the first time I sat and played a Concert piano .But it wasn't any piano , it was a Pleyel .Since then I've changed my mind .I still have the sound in my ears and in my mind.I was astonished. What a sound ! So,
Why doesn't anybody talk about Pleyel .Why we don't see any model of the Brand on the stages ?
Greetings from Brazil ! (forgive my bad English!)
Robert Estrin - host, on October 23, 2013 @6:20 pm PST
There are actually quite a number of top tier pianos being manufactured from many companies around the world including Mason & Hamlin, Fazioli, Bechstein, Bluthner and others. The fact is, for an artist to be represented by a piano company, they have to have concert grand pianos in nearly every city in the world. The cost is prohibitively expensive, so there really isn't any choice for touring concert pianists except for the piano they choose to have at home.
Grace Chen on October 10, 2013 @11:28 pm PST
thanks for posting this.... I just have this problem... when audience say " you are great! I did enjoy your performance... I was touched..." I will say: " no... did not you notice, I was flat in the xx note, when I sang xxx.." I have been terrible for quite a period of time. I wont do that again in my next performance of Nov. 16...
John Bosko on October 10, 2013 @9:08 pm PST
Right, thinking positively about ourselves as music players is important. Thanks Robert!
Carolyn Carr on October 10, 2013 @3:17 pm PST
This is wonderful advise and assessment of many efforts in life, not only music. Thank you for the very profound commentary on a difficult subject.
Maria * VSM MEMBER * on October 9, 2013 @4:40 pm PST
Thanks so much for your positive encouragement! It does help to know that we do our best when we play, even though at times it does not always go according to plan. As you say, the audience doesn't know or care; they just want to listen!
Tosh * VSM MEMBER * on October 9, 2013 @3:41 pm PST
thanks for your eminently "reasonable" comments, as always
Chris de Brauw * VSM MEMBER * on October 9, 2013 @8:13 am PST
Thank you! Great talk, so true.
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