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Explaining Music Intervals - Whole and Half Steps

Music Theory Lessons, Episode 1

Released on January 1, 2014

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Helena boggia on January 15, 2014 @7:49 am PST
Hi Robert, keep em coming...really helpful
Amy on January 1, 2014 @3:35 pm PST
Excellent explanation. Easily understood. Thank you! * VSM MEMBER * on January 1, 2014 @7:45 am PST
Thank you ... Could you please recommend a study/practice course to help read music QUICKLY for the pianio and also the guitar.
Thanks VERY much
Robert Estrin - host, on January 1, 2014 @5:32 pm PST
There is a comprehensive sight-reading program in the works which you will be hearing about in the future. Meanwhile, here are some videos that may be of help:
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