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Dealing with a Loud Audience

Interesting tips to deal with a noisy, inattentive audience

Released on October 23, 2013

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Margaret on April 18, 2014 @5:53 am PST
Elderly organist at Baptist church played "The Beer Barrel Polka" at offertory time due to noise/irreverent behavior, talking over instruments, etc, where I formerly was pianist. Following suit, I played "Stairway to Heaven" (by Led Zeppelin) 2 weeks later after issue came up in study class, and was complemented on such a "soothing, prayerful tune"...glad I didn't choose "Immigrant Song." Some folks are just rude...might as well laugh about it!
Robert - host, on April 18, 2014 @9:30 pm PST
You're right! You have to have the right frame of mind for the situation at hand. Not only that, but choosing the right music to play at a performance is critical. It is a real disservice to play overly sophisticated music to a younger or less experienced audience. You must always strive to reach people with your music by speaking a language they can relate to.
HiremBig * VSM MEMBER * on October 26, 2013 @10:19 am PST
Thank you, I was surprised that you're wife plays a flute. I also started playing my flute after 30yrs. of letting it set. But it is comming back quickly, so older people can play it if they want to make the effort. I play a Emerson and a Pearl. All silver, what kind does your wife play, you do not have to answer that, I was just curious. Thankyou for all the info you give out over the air, it help probably more than you think.
Robert Estrin - host, on November 15, 2013 @4:28 pm PST
Florence plays a Powell flute and also has a Haynes. She has a collection of flutes of all sizes in her Florence Family of Flutes which you can learn about on her website
HiremBig * VSM MEMBER * on October 23, 2013 @10:37 am PST
Some music say return to bridge, but I see bridge written no where on the music, could you explain that one, and also what in the world is a fake book.
Robert Estrin - host, on October 23, 2013 @6:07 pm PST
There is a world of music with a language all its own. I will be covering how to read a lead sheet in a future video. A fake book contains lead sheets of songs. These are skeletal representations of the music with the melody line and chord symbols.

As for going to the bridge in a song, most popular music including rock, pop and jazz are organized with sections referred to as verse, chorus and bridge. The bridge is usually a unique section somewhere towards the end of the song.
Debora A. Holling on October 23, 2013 @4:59 am PST
my issue is when the audience talks during the overture or entr'act of a musical and then forget to stop talking when the lights come up and the curtain opens. All of the performers are there to entertain, not to be a backdrop to people "catching up" with one another. The ball game behavior at a live musical performance drives me nuts!
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