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How to play the piano with your mind

Can you actually play a piano with your mind? Yes, you can!

Released on July 10, 2013

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sue * VSM MEMBER * on September 8, 2013 @11:43 am PST
Hi Robert, thank you for all the tips. I enjoy viewing your videos, and have received much useful information. When I have a question, I search your videos. Thank you for sharing your musical knowledge, and talent with other. Sue Fuller
Emma * VSM MEMBER * on September 4, 2013 @8:41 am PST
Wow! thank you so much for this. Now I know why I haven't really memorized my pieces. I did read once that Pablo Casals made his students write down their music from memory,more calling every note and dynamic. Quite a challenge.
Helena boggia on August 29, 2013 @12:19 pm PST
Nice one Robert...I will...must...try that. Thank you
Zuhair Bakdoud on August 24, 2013 @12:55 am PST
Please, continue with teaching the PRINCIPLES of piano technique!
Robert - host, on August 26, 2013 @11:23 am PST
Many technique videos are in the works!
Toya Harvey on July 11, 2013 @8:34 am PST
Yes it does help. Some pieces are harder to think through than others. Studying the music away from the piano is good also. As you study you may not realize you are visually programming your mind (subconsciously). I'm waiting for your video on improvisation! For someone without perfect pitch, this could really make a difference during a memory slip. Thanks again for these interesting videos!
Robert - host, on July 13, 2013 @10:08 pm PST
Here is a video I produced on how to improvise on the piano:
olympia * VSM MEMBER * on July 10, 2013 @4:55 pm PST
it helps a lot and very interesting
Kathryn A Bowman * VSM MEMBER * on July 10, 2013 @1:31 pm PST
I know this is true. Today I was playing a difficult passage from memory and I was letting my fingers do the remembering. Then my fingers got messed up, and I didn't know what to play next. If my brain had been playing it, in stead of my fingers, I would not have gotten bogged down! Great tip, Robert!
Roque E. Avila * VSM MEMBER * on July 10, 2013 @1:14 pm PST
Your lecture has something to do with playing the piano with your mind after memorizing the piece,.My question is this: How do you read a piece at first sight while you are away from your instrument? Will you use do, re, mi, etc. or c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c? Thank you so much.
Robert Rubino on July 10, 2013 @11:04 am PST
Robert--I can memorize some tunes and some--I cant especially flkats and sharps lol im great in key of F and Efklat--and lately ive been transposing some songs ( 1/2 tone higher)?? im also self taught --cant seem to take any lessons--no patience and I do things MY WAY-- Cant read bass either ?? only lead sheets--any sugestions?
Robert Estrin - host, on July 10, 2013 @7:49 pm PST
As long as you are enjoying yourself, no worries! However, if you ever want to explore music in more depth, if you can find the right teacher, it can open up new worlds for you.

You can look forward to some videos on music theory right here which may be of help to you.
Becky * VSM MEMBER * on July 10, 2013 @7:15 am PST
Thank you... I have a terrible time with my piano performances and stage fright. Thankfully, my audience is patient with my issues but this might help me considerably in visualizing the piece and not just reading the notes. Great video
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