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Outgrowing a Music Teacher

Is it possible to outgrow a music teacher? How does this happen?

Released on October 30, 2013

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Brigitte * VSM MEMBER * on November 3, 2013 @8:35 am PST
love your comments, Robert. It has been very inspiring. Thank you.
John D'Arcy on November 1, 2013 @5:43 pm PST
Dear Robert,
I enjoyed your talk on outgrowing your teacher. I teach Clarinet and Saxophone in Australia. When I take on a new student, I let them know that I will only teach them up to grade 5 (AMEB). After that I will help them seek out a new teacher, and I am friends with quite a few excellent teachers. The reason I do this is so that we do not get stale in our technique and skills.
Thank you for your insights.
Garry Corbett * VSM MEMBER * on October 30, 2013 @11:43 am PST
As usual, virtually all your videos have super value to any of your students educations. Thank you so very much ! Because of living in an apartment, only a digital piano keyboard is feasible, however there are several grand pianos at church which I can use at any time. For about the last year, I've been playing the keyboard while listening to hymns on the ipod with great progress and results. This is good, because I was in a rut using Bb or Ab by ear for everything. I'm 67 yrs old and reading music is becoming strainful. Many thanks again for your lessons and congratulations for the success of your videos.

Take Care ! Have Fun !

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