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How to Play Softly on the Piano

Useful tips to play quietly on your piano.

Released on May 15, 2013

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Zuhair Bakdoud on September 5, 2013 @8:07 am PST
Thank you for your realistic and practical advice you gave me about finding a piano technician.
Zuhair Bakdoud on September 2, 2013 @10:16 am PST
Robert, I wonder if you could explain what "regulating" a piano means? I have a 9-foot Steinway grand piano, but there are no Steinway technicians in my town of Fayetteville, NC (a military town, adjoining Fort Bragg, NC). Even the city of Raleigh, NC, does not have a good technician (I have tried him: he is no better than ANY run-off-the-mill piano technician, sorry to be so blunt). How can I find a competent piano technician? Kristian Zimerman became a piano technician, IN ORDER to be able to "fix" his piano to be the way he wants it... Obviously, you are such a FORTUNATE human being in this respect: you know how to "take" care of your wonderfully maintained pianos...
Robert Estrin * VSM MEMBER * on September 2, 2013 @11:14 am PST
If there are no competent piano technicians where you live, you can only hope that a good technician travels through your area. If there are any concert level pianos anywhere in town, find out who maintains them. Schools, larger churches, performance venues, orchestras, art centers and serious teachers are all good resources to check out. If there are any pianos in good shape in town, there is hope that someone services the instrument and you may connect with them.
Nancy Forbes on May 22, 2013 @2:15 pm PST
I really like your wonderful videos. I have been playing piano for many years, but I always learn more from your instructions. Thank you so much.
Dr. Rivkah Roth on May 15, 2013 @7:37 am PST
loved your descriptions and the sun ray...
or, as my teacher Prof. Jewssey Wulf (1889-1970) used to remind us... "the pianissimo is a suffocated cry!"
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