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How to choose the right musical piece to study

Useful tips to pick the right musical piece according to your level and talent

Released on June 19, 2013

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Comments, Questions, Requests: on December 14, 2014 @12:26 pm PST
It was great .Thanks
Wilhelm+Schlag * VSM MEMBER * on July 10, 2013 @5:35 am PST
Any thoughts on memorizing pieces? How about an entire Bach or Mozart concerto? How does one go about that in the most efficient way?

Robert Estrin - host, on July 10, 2013 @2:36 pm PST
Here is a video which describes how to memorize music:
Eldert de Jonge on June 20, 2013 @8:43 am PST
Thanks Robert, I liked your comment, particularly the bit on taking on a piece somewhat above one's level at the time.
Actually, I would prefer shorter pieces with more variety to take on.
pnina ben-hillel * VSM MEMBER * on June 20, 2013 @5:38 am PST
i agree with you! from now on, can you send me Videos with Recorder players?
Hieu Dinh on June 19, 2013 @8:47 pm PST
thanks very much for posting this video. I like this very interesting and important advice . That helps me a lot as I play and choose my repertoire without the help of a teacher.
Maria * VSM MEMBER * on June 19, 2013 @5:02 pm PST
I also agree. Variety is the spice of life and keeps the interest up. In widening the repertoire there will be more choice and no risk of getting bored with just one or two pieces!
Karen Snow * VSM MEMBER * on June 19, 2013 @9:41 am PST
I also agree. Students have much more interest when their repertoire is varied and changes frequently.
Toya Harvey on June 19, 2013 @6:26 am PST
I totally agree! Thank you so much.
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