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How to deal with Stage Fright

An approach and some solutions to the most common of musicians' problems

Released on July 3, 2013

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Karen+Wenzel * VSM MEMBER * on April 26, 2014 @4:05 pm PST
Very helpful for me to pass on to my 3rd grade violin class for their upcoming 1st performance before the whole school and parents. With these children there are so many firsts that we try to hurdle. Thank you, Karen
Surangika Senanayake on October 28, 2013 @7:55 pm PST
Good useful points; particularly about practising performing. Thank you.
Nadia Bishai (Egyptian) on July 7, 2013 @1:47 pm PST
Dear Robert,
My apologies for not having had the chance to listen to your very helpful guidance sooner. Things here aren't exactly OK and I'm not practising much these days. However, this will helpt me get back to work after I come back from a trip to France and the UK where I can hear some music. None around here these days. All best from Nadia. (Alexandria, Egypt).
Anne Finlay-Brown * VSM MEMBER * on July 3, 2013 @2:15 pm PST
Most helpful. I am a violinist and practise the first three notes of a piece over and over. When this is played to to perfection it takes away the nerves and the rest of the music will follow.
Sharon * VSM MEMBER * on July 3, 2013 @1:35 pm PST
Very good advice. Will try out those suggestions. Enjoy your videos. Many thanks.
Don Puent on July 3, 2013 @10:42 am PST
I love Robert Estrin video's. Especially the above one on stage freight. He always sounds so enthusiastic and seems to be speaking to you personally. He's good and knows his stuff.
Marla Volovna on July 3, 2013 @10:15 am PST
Very good advice. i am a professional and I would say the same thing!
Brian Hansen on July 3, 2013 @3:35 am PST
Wonderful advice, Thank you
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