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Originally Posted by Fabrizio - VSM
Dear Ismail Degani, thank you for your post and welcome on the forums. I am very glad to know you are enjoying Virtual Sheet Music.

Well, we cannot publish our sheet music in Finale or Sibelius file format due to copyright issues. By publishing them in those formats we would allow anybody to modify them and, possibly, republishing them easily by infringing our own copyrights. I hope you understand that.

Instead, to play along the music and mute single tracks, you can always download the MIDI files freely included with any piece.

Thank you for your kindness and understanding on this important matter.


Thats what I do, hey Fabrizio, how much does the site cost? what host are you using, I m asking because I want to start a web business for arranging music, If you dont want to answer, thats fine

P.S. Thanks for your time
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