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Originally Posted by jeeViola
Any headaches?
I made espresso for my wife on Saturday. I don't think she had any. I typically will make regular coffee for myself. I dumped the leftover espresso in my Starbucks 16 oz. thing, topped it off with milk and brought it to work. It's pretty strong stuff.
Are you (or Y) doing any thing for Easter (musically)?
I got my music last Sunday but I don't seem to have the practice CD.

I did have a spliting headache the first day but after that it hasn't been too bad. Just a slight headache most of the day. It's bareable though.
Well, my church finally has enough (faithful) members to actually have a choir so we started it last night before the evening service. We had 2 families join the church yesterday morning and one of them sings really good so their family is in the choir and some of mine too. We're working on getting some songs together for Easter, don't know how it'll turn out though. Hopefully our pianist stays healthy! I so wouldn't be able to play the songs we've picked out so far!
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