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Originally Posted by Sylvia
there's a small announcement to make about this forum. Slowly this classical music community is growing, but we need your help to expand it even more. Enjoy posting in the forums, and perhaps sharing your ideas with some thought provoking articles. There have been already two submitted for that matter.

AustinViolin, is it such a pain to go through and register? A username and password are more than sufficient, you don't HAVE TO include personal data.
People, you are more than welcome to participate in this growing classical music community.

I look forward in seeing you on, administrated by our favorite moderator Fabrizio.


Okay, Silvia, I struggled through the difficult registration process and signed up. (just kidding, it does take all of about a minute to sign up if you don't create a profile). I'm using the same handle as on this board.
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