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Default American Music Define

[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=2]Americana music is a the official State Music of Texas. Sadly, the Nashville studios what merely pure ethnic music, or Crying, Dying and getting Drunk music. My contemporaries of the classical tradition either fail to have a life, or they feel they can't admit it. Americana is a synthesis of the influences of Coplands rag (Maple leaf rag), the Folk music traditions of the 60's and 70's, and the best songwriting skills lyrically you can ever hope to hear. Instrumentally, it reverts back to the long-bow origins typical of the Northerlands of Scotland, and infuses slides (Blues notes) and tonic,(not the sloppy scrath of bluegrass) double stops. Its borne out of the skills of improvisation, aural proficiency, and chordal and key progression theory, simply stated its not easy. But its recent statements of historical genres of music originating in America, ergo the "a" for Americana.
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