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Well, I am severely humbled. Not only was I gratuitously rude (typical brass player!), but rude to a decent person too. The depth of your reply is fantastic! I have clicked all the links into my favourites to explore over the next couple of days.
I also suspect there may be a linguistic problem with my rather coarse use of 'bagged' . I used it in a sense of 'to hang sh** on', 'ridicule' etc. I'm a Brit currently living in Australia, so please forgive my colloquialism! I was leaping to the defence of classical musicians; quite unnecessarily, I see.
And despite being classically trained to Masters level in tuba, I do play other styles!

Honestly, even though it started by my unthinking rudeness, the reply that I've received from S.A.RoseViolin is the kind of level of intelletual stimulus that I've been seeking in forums. A vast improvement on what sometimes appears to be simpletons exchanging slow-motion inanities.

Here's a challenge to all reading this: more forum responses of the quality of the message I'm replying to, please!

Thanks !
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