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Default Suetuba - Please no apology necessary

Hey, thats how we all learn together in this big old small world we live in, please do not apologize. In fact, classical brass players that specialize in Tuba continue to keep me in awe. We may play the plesantries of the melody, but the glue that holds a symphony together is not the classy, and truly crass (or arrogant) at times trumpet players, but the Tubas that get little appreciation. Too many fail to hear and don't listen to the double back flips you guys do on that huge instrument, up and down the register, at times matching note for note the horn players (french horn for my younger contemporaries). But when they put there tight lips to rest, you revert to holding down the bottom. Never does it seem you get even a 3/4 rest. So it just might be you justly earned the right to be a bit crass. Too many people thing tuba is relitive only to souza type music in polka groups. They fail to see the true artistry ya'll possess. Hope to be down under in the fall if all goes as planned, in that big city on the western side, just can't remember the name. Blessings and have fun, we need you.
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