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Originally Posted by Sylvia
Hey Y,
apparently your pm box is full or you have blocked me.
However, congratulations for your posted hymnal chorus.
At first glance, there is an interesting interaction between the two hands starting at bar 3. The right hand is comparable to some of the Preludes in Bach's Book 48. In only 10 bars, I can't really have a full idea of your style, but it's definitely on the classical side. Do you have some others compositions I could listen to, or read, or play?
I probably would have chosen a more interesting key, Finale can transpose everything automatically if you want.
Anyhow, I think you're very precocious.


OK, thanks! About the ten bars that "don't make sense" those show the limited amount of harmonizing/arranging skill I have.
(It's the YKB style...)

I would really like to learn someday...

Anyway, I must say that my favorite part is from bar #6 onward. It gives off a B8hoven-like flavor.

Also, I had to keep in mind the soprano's voice range which I don't know too well. Maybe I should have put it into the interesting key of Db....
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