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Originally Posted by academy08
I believe that this is one of the most exciting duet for the cello and violin and was a little dissapointed not to find it on the catalog.

It truly balances the roles of the cello and violin with tons of parallel structures throughout the piece. It is like the cello and the violin are arguing with one another.

Has great passages of both slow and fast, as well as some of the most exhilirating passages I have ever seen for the violin and cello.

Definitely not a "oompa-oompa" boring piece for the cello. I would love to see it available for every member on the catalog to enjoy.

Ah ha! Seems I wasn't the only person to listen to NPR's interveiw with the musical couple, Jan Volger and Mira Wang. Please tell me if I'm right!!!

Yes, that is truly a fabulous piece!! One that me and my brother would very much like to play!!!
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