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Question Reed sizes and tuning

My daughter is in the 9th grade and has been playing clarinet for four years. The band instructor told her last week that she was flat and it was because she was using a size 3 1/2 reed and made her go down to a 3. She was playing very well on a 4 1/2, but her 8th grade band teacher made her go down to a 3 1/2 saying the same thing. I got upset about this and took her and her clarinet to the local music store and he tuned her clarinet on the 3 1/2 and said she was dead on to a little sharp. He also said that the size of the reed would NOT make an instrument flat, only squeak if the musician couldn't play a thicker reed.

She went back to school today after Labor Day and a fellow student told her that the band teacher was right, a reed COULD make an instrument flat and the music shop owner was wrong.

I don't see how a reed could affect the tune of an instrument, but I'm not a musician. I would greatly appreciate any input! Thanks!
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