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Originally Posted by Fabrizio - VSM
Are you saying that your new trombone is in F like the horn in F?
No, it's in Eb. Like one of these:

The guy told me "One nice thing about an Eb horn is that you can read trombone parts with it. Take a trombone part written in bass clef, but read it as though it were treble clef, and change to the key signature with three more sharps...."

That's what I was trying to do, and it may well have worked if I had been reading a part in the same key as the other part.

(Though all the tenor (?) clef bits in the trombone parts are not at all helpful to a trumpet player trying to play trombone parts on an Eb alto horn. )
we can consider to do something for you.
I'm not asking you to, owing to the unusual nature of this instrument. It's apparently not much used outside British-style brass bands.

I'll take a stab at anything you can be bothered to transpose though. Most particularly Bb trumpet/Eb horn duets.

In any case, I was mostly sharing my amusement at the realization that the duet and quartet arrangements are in different keys. If I had noticed that rather obvious fact sooner, it would have spared me a great deal of confusion, and ugly, dissonant sounds.
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