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Default measure numbering

I have a question on the numbering of measures on sheet music.
BeethoVen Piano Trio Trio Op1. No.1

I have played this music with people with other scores and found there is a
discrepancy in measure numbers.
example) At the first movement on the top measure of page 8 of piano part,
it is numbered as 105, where as other scores was printed as 104. Measure 104 and 105 are numbered as 1, 2 respectively. Measure 1 is to be played the first time and go back to repeat. 2nd time around, measure 2 is to be played.

For a repetition measures printed in two different measures,
how do you number them, repeat the same measure or increment numbers ?

I just wondered how the rule is for virtual sheet music.
I'd appreciate if you could let me know.

Eiko Hamada
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