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Default Interesting about Tuba

[FONT=Times New Roman]You wizards in the C woodwind areas are also included, in fact while the lower brass holds down the bottom, when the violins and violas state the melody we are like Hansel and Gretal; we need some bread crumbs to follow, or we just do the same thing thing all over; imagine how boring, and a night at the symphony would be all of 30 minutes. For example, Farandole would be nothing without the awesome flutes leading the way for the string section to follow them home with the melody. And my newest complaint, is the arrangers doing the orchestrations that seem to have forgotten the value of the melodious Oboe. Maybe, to be far to the arrangers, it is, in fact justified. It seems not only studnets, but also parents look forward to their lollipops of positive "easy and fun songs" after a half page in a method book. I firmly believe students beginning the study of an instrument now days are so used to the "Susuki" Lollipops, (and a milk dud for mom and day) that our culture in this part of the Northern Hemisphere is simply losing the discipline need for students to stay with demanding instruments. Oh, and remember, don't push vocal students past 6 notes, and use sign language (solfege) so that we don't push the "Angels" to levels higher than would allow them to sing for the PTA. Sad thing, I hear college vocal graduates that sing like "bitty, bitty bam bam" (Remember I from San Antonio, so pick your own song). What ever happened to heavy mechanics, is it gone when the three tenors retire. I look for to viewing your site. I will look at your site immediately, thanks for posting it.
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