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Default Suggestion about music spacing and paging


I think I have suggested about this before. I strongly suggest you compressing music spacing in terms of line spacing, so that music of 3 pages can be compressed to 2 pages. Example is the Mozart Divertimento No 1 for strings, whose first movement is now in 3 pages. Conventionally, for other publishers, the first movement for any parts lasts for 2 pages. The facilitation of 2 pages of course saves one page turn, saving it only to the change of movement, and the whole ensmble seems more professional by turning less pages.

I am talking about reducing line spacing, not spacing among notes. So your consideration for readers of poorer eyesights still holds. And for players who play your music on their monitors, they save one PgUp during repeat.

I hope other members who have the same views as me would voice your opinions.
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