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Hello and thank you for posting about this issue.

Well, this is a very delicate matter. We always struggle to give the best pagination for both readability and ease of playing. Also, readability depends by the output format you use. If you print in A4 format your output will be a little bit larger, if you print on US letter it will be smaller. If we reduce line spacing, in the case of the Divertimento, we could be able to compress the 2nd and 3rd page in a single page, but the readability in US letter format will be really compromised. Traditional sheet music editions print on custom page formats, most of them larger than A4. That allows them to print more staves with the same spacing and staff size.

I can assure we pay maximum attention to this concerning when we edit our music and we will keep doing that way as better as we can.

Thank you again for your kindness and, please, keep posting your suggestions and feedback, your thoughts are always very welcome.

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