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Default Bach Violin Concerto No.1 In a minor: rated easy?!!!!!!

I just took a look at the Violin Concerto No.1 in a minor, it surprised me because it was rated EASy!!!!!!

I played the first movement of this concerto serveral years ago. As a Pre-college Student, I would say it is technically easy. But it is very hard to play it in tune and with correct tempo ( and with the proper fingerings ). This concerto is also the entrance to the harder concertos such as Mendelssohn and Mozart because most basic techniques are used in this piece.

I think it definitely shouldn't be rated easy level. It misguided my friend who is a intermediate player and he downloaded this music for auditions which he definitely failed because he was unable to play it in the correct way.( although he played it very fluently)

Its very beneficial to learn this piece with care and patient and practice it as an etude.
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