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Default Strauss "on the beautiful blue danube"

I have found errors and improvements.
Mistakes1) there should be a "dal segno" sign on waltz No.4 in all parts
(2) Violin II, bar 210, should have a C on third beat, instead of in Violin I

For page turn reason, I really wish I could rearrange some staves and measures. I would suggest this basic one,

Violin II, moving the staff of bar 127 to page 2 will make 1 page turn instead of going back. (If you say placing them side by side would solve the problem, think again. When you correct mistake (1), you will need to place at least 4 pages on the stand at once to prevent awkward page turn due to dal segnos) If you move bar 127 to page 2, I will have page (1 & 2) turn to (3 & 4 & 5) turn to (6). Both page turns are during rest (though first one has little time) and no going backward.

I understand these are personal preferences and you might have different priorities, but I am all for efficiency and best possible arrangement on the page. I really suggest a system so users can cut and paste themselves.
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