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Default Chopin's Cello Sonata

I'd like to propose Chopin's Sonata for Cello and Piano, opus 65, for inclusion in the catalog. Chopin was keenly aware of the lyrical possibilies of the cello, perhaps due in part to his close and long-standing friendship with the great cellist August Franchomme. The Cello sonata is Chopin's only sonata for an instrument other than the piano. It was written over a relatively long 2 year period close the the end of Chopin's life during the dissolution of his turbulent relationship with George Sand. It is a dense but beautiful work; the first movement is particularly difficult. The Cello Sonata was the last piece that Chopin performed in public before he died. He was to have played the full sonata together with Franchomme, but at the last minute it was decided to omit the first movement. Even if this was only in part due to Chopin's illness and his weakened physical condition, this gives some measure of the extent of its technical demands. The third movement, a Largo, is famous in its own right, and is often played by itself as a repertory piece. Even though this slow and very lyrical movement seems like the eye of the hurricaine when played in sequence with the other movements, musically, it is as complex as the rest of the sonata. The counterpoint heard in the interplay of voices articulated by the two instruments is very beautiful. If it isn't possible to include the full sonata, it would be great if it the Largo could be included by itself.

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