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Originally Posted by MCAACMPSR2007
Well we've been working on ours for 11 months now, and they say the play is done, but I have yet to see the final copy... Altouah I would of liked to have one for the summer so I could finish a lot of the music, but no... My collaborators didn't have their part done until sometime on the last day of school... If they didn't sit there and talk the whole time, (which is what us musicians did, but we met all of our deadlines) the script would've been finished about a month before the end of the school year, and they could've been writing the lyrics like they said they would do... and now the teacher wants to add a whole butt load of people into all of the processes and screw with the whole opperation... I'm sorry I'm just very protective of things I put my name on. That's a suspirium puellarum for you, they gotta protect their name.

lol. I wish we could do stuff like that at our school...that would be so fun. But thenagain, I'm one of those stubborn people who likes to take all the work and let a couple people help ellaborate or give suggestions, so it probably wouldn't work out very well.
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