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Default Now with a little more experience

After a couple of weeks with the Air Turn, I am finding out that the any problems with connectivity is more of an iPad issue rather than the Air Turn itself.

Once you have the VSM app engaged with the Air Turn, it works amazingly well. I can now read from multi line scores while playing with no concern of pages at all!

The Air Turn connectivity problem occurs if I use another iPad app, especially if video streaming is involved. The steps I have to take to get back to full Air Turn function depends on the other app.

It seems that there is competition for memory key locations within the iPad itself. I can always get the Air Turn back to full function. Just never sure how I do it.

If I leave the VSM iPad app alone, it always works perfectly. No matter how many times I return to it. This app/hardware combination is truly a wonderful thing. It would be hard to give it up.
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