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What's your name? Loren

How long have you been playing? 4 years, I believe

What do you play? flute, picc, and a little piano

What's your age? 16 on Tuesday!!!!

What's your gender? F

What got you started? I've always been a music person...just sorta decided on flute.

Favorite Color? Navy Blue

Favorite piece to listen to? BlueShades

Bach or Mozart? Bach...

Favorite piece to play? Concertino for Four Percussion and Wind Ensemble (David Gillingham)

Do you have a pet? 5 dogs, 2 goats, and a cat

What's your favorite food? erm...MINTS!!!!

Home Town? Clover

Other interests (other then music?) What other interests COULD I have than music?! Nah, I like to write a LOT.

How did you come of with your Screan Name? I'm a piccolo player, a girl, and you should know the story of 156 by now. Actually, most everyone on here should know the story of my screen why am I answering this again? lol
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