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What's your name? Sylvia

How long have you been playing? 10 years

What do you play? piano some strings

What's your age? just the right one

What's your gender? female

What got you started? some kind of "innate passion"

Favorite Color? green, although I wear a lot of pink

Favorite piece to listen to? Goldberg Variations, and various Bach sonatas

Bach or Mozart? Bach!!! Although Mozart is great

Favorite piece to play? Toccata et Fugae (Bach)

Do you have a pet? Yeah, a red female crazy cat

What's your favorite food? Come on.... don't you know I'm italian??? PIZZA!

Home Town? Do you mean my native city? I currently live in Rome.

Other interests ....uhm apart from piano, I like to sing in church, opera, (not in our HS choir...). I like knitting, bake PIZZA and typical italian sweets, play with my brothers, have nice times with friends. I like computers and programming as well as languages in general. I absolutely love sciences, and would like to base my carreer on science. Uhm...what else?

How did you come of with your Screan Name? Well, that's my actual name. (But it is actually spelt "Silvia" in the italian romantic way (Leopardi anyone?) )
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