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HAAAAAAAAAAAA Carpel tunnel is indeed very popular!!! Especially amongst violinists and violists, and people who spend a lot of time writing on the computer. So I should take good care because it's not the nicest thing that could happen to you!!! It's not too bad, some severe cases require surgery but most can heal with rest and anti-inflammatory creams and stuff. But a thing like this leaves you damaged for ever, it's like a sprain. I fact, it's the inflammation of a tendon whose name I don't know in English but you can imagine which one it is. So take care.

About your shaky hands, well it probably has nothing to do with it. Is it a shaky left hand or is it both hands? If it's just the left maybe you're overdoing the muscles in your hand. Pain is a very funny thing and in some cases it doesn't appear when it should. I'd go and see a doctor if I were you. If it's both hands, forget about it, some people don't have much wrist-steadiness and it doesn't have much to do with violin or viola-playing.

I really hope it's nothing serious. Have a good day!!

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