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Originally Posted by TeenViolaLover
22 kids... Your body must get darn pretty tired (If it was just ONE mom!).... always pregnant, just been pregnant, or just about to be pregnant...Not all his kids lived right? In Bach's time did they have forms of contraception, (sorry for the dumb question.). I know like the "pill" and stuff like that are more "new" types of contraception, but did they have ways of contraception in Bach's time?
*Lacks on contraception History Time Line* LoL

Hi! Obviously Bach did not have two wives simultaneously...his first wife died in 1720, and he then remarried. He had 20 children yes, several of which have become great musicians, but many died shortly after childbirth or within 2 years.

About the contraception history, it started with the greeks and egyptians. They used some very interesting ways of preventing from getting children (chemical, oils, jellos, etc.) The first condoms were made out of animal skin (the rubber ones came out after 1840, with Mr Goodyear discovering the vulcanized rubber). You can find many interesting informations about this on here.
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