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Originally Posted by BMW Z4
I think I was misunderstood. Measures #85 and 86 are notes that are out of the range of 1st pos. They are high Ds and so on while playing thirds in 16th notes so please look at those measures and explain how to finger them.



I am sorry, actually I misunderstood. Well, by starting from bar 84 I would finger the first third in 3rd position (1-3), then I would keep in 3rd position until the last third of bar 84 where I would shift in 5th position and then I would shift back to 4th position on the second beat of bar 85 (5th third), and then back to 5th position on the 8th third of the same bar by keep going that way (by alternating 4th and 5th position) till bar 87 where I would shift in 3rd position on the second beat (5th third) and so on by returning back to 1st position.

I hope this is clear...

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