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wow, okay I'm behind here. Let me catch up real quick. Has anyone found a piece yet? Cuz I could arrange the violin part to a flute part myself; I've had a bit of practice with it. Let's see... oh, lol, I go up to the D above the high C pretty comfortably. And high Bb is my best sounding high note on piccolo as of right now. Which one do ya'll want me to play? Flute would fit a LOT better than piccolo would, just because piccolo sounds an octave higher than written and gets uncomfortable in certain ranges. Oh, and I tend to be extremely LOUD on piccolo... I drowned out our entire band last year... Okay, so HOW would the whole passing around thing work out? I'M SO CONFUSED!!!! Okay. I'm caught up. But so you know: It would be a while before I could play my part, so sorry if I hold anything up... I'm helping our school host a drum corps right now and am there from 7:30 in the morning till 10:30 at night. There's literally no time to play. And I have to practice for HBOA auditions, so I can't work on very much for the next week. Let me know what we're playing and I'll respond as soon as I can!!
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