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Originally Posted by David Teague
I got a really good deal on a Juseck Viola, but found that
afterwards I had enough time to be good on the bass but
not enough time to be good on both bass and viola. My
wife (who died just a year ago) took up the viola after
15 years on the violin. She did a fine job of it. too.

I miss her with an ache that just does not go away.

Here is a poem on this most wonderful of instruments.
(uhhh AFTER the BASS, of COURSE!)

Eat out thy heart, O Cello proud,
and violin go don thy shroud.
Pray Saint Cecilia’s mercy mild,
forgive thy up and down bows wild.
For she in sacred restitution,
blessed VIOLA’S contribution,
Paying IT the compliment
of genius’ favoured instrument.

Ralph Aldrich


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Sorry to hear about your wife.
I love my wife more than anything in this world.
I know it would destroy me if I lost her.
You'll have to excuse the sideshow that goes on in this forum.
Most of the posts are from teens. (bless their pea pickin' hearts).
The endless banter can be deafening.

So, Do you plan to pursue both the Bass and the Viola?
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