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Originally Posted by bpeters023
It used to be that when I downloaded music, it would show up directly in the web browser. I liked this. Now it doesn't seem to be working this way anymore---is it just me talking? Or have you made a change? I much prefered it the other way.

Thanks as always,


Hello Brad and thank you for your post.

Yes, actually we changed the way to download PDF files: now you can download them by just clicking their links. After some usability tests we conducted in the past weeks, we realized the most part of our users had problems to understand how to download PDF files, so we changed the system.

I understand (and knew) this can cause a different behavior for who used to display the PDF file directly in the browser. Actually we should allow to change this option in the Members' Control Panel... what do you think about a such option? We could work to implement it.

Thank you for highlight this issue.

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