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Originally Posted by Francesca Lee
Okay, I don't have much of a vent; more of a frightening thought that's hit me hard the past couple weeks...I'm gonna be leaving home and going to college in just 2 years...


There's my rant for the night

Wow, don't give us an easy one to answer or anything . I enjoyed college a lot more than high school. You have a lot more freedom to learn what you want to learn. There are certainly things that suck about growing older, but there are good and bad things about every age. I mean, I have a lot more responsibilities at this point in my life, but I enjoy raising children. I'd really miss out on a lot if I hadn't 'grown up'.

Just remember that at your age, your path in life is not set in stone at all, you are free to change directions. I certainly evolved in my college career (hmm...possibly devolved... .

You seem really interested in music and certainly seem to have done well at the HS level. However, I'm not a music major so it would be hard to say 'oh yeah, you'll make it into Juilliard'. I actually don't know that many music majors, but my violin teacher and one of my friends were music majors at Rice (Shepard School of Music). I would hope that you wouldn't pin your success as a musician onto getting into one particular school.

All I can say is that it would be really boring if you new everything would be just fine from the outset.

Not sure that was helpful or not....
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