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Originally Posted by Francesca Lee
To YKB and suetuba: ya'll not like jazz??? If you get into the harder pieces (like, transcribed improv stuff), it's actually a LOT of fun to play... I say this, being a flute player that has always stuck to classical music, too. It's a really good idea to get out there and play other genres...

I really don't think VSM should stick directly to's always fun to get out there and see what else you can find to play. Why not here, too?? I understand that there ARE restrictions, but if it can be worked past, why not bring jazz into the world of VSM? It'd be a great way of broadening instrumentalists' horizons!

Just a different perspective...


Au contraire, I play a lot of jazz, and quite like it too. I've certainly earned good money playing jazz. But there's an intellectual rigour and discipline in classical music that I find lacking in jazz, purely on a personal level.
And the classical music that is available through VSM has already been sifted by time; meaning that the dross is long lost and only the good stuff remains (even Beethoven wrote clunkers!). Both classical music and jazz have good stuff as well as rubbish; jazz is too new to have undergone that filtering process.
As a performer I get more satisfaction mastering something classical: maybe it's the requirement for utter perfection; maybe it's the need for fidelity in interpreting printed symbols into sounds, on behalf of the (mostly) absent composer.
It's not that I don't play 'the harder stuff'. I used to make transcriptions regularly. But to me jazz seems a temporary art, ( and I don't mean that in any negative sense, temporary in the same way Tibetan sand mandalas are). Really good improvisation is meant to be of the moment, and, apart from study purposes, I 'm not sure that it's a good thing to be writing improv down, and fossilizing it.
Hope I'm not treading on anyone's toes here! I 'm quite partial to jazz, but have a strong preference as a performer for classical! And I adore debate, so let's go for it!
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