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Originally Posted by glorfindel87
Hello everyone. Just found this forum today and after seeing it is an active one decided to join it. I've been on several forums before but left once posts started only occurring every couple months or so. So, hopefully this one's a little better than those.
As to myself, I am a self-taught flutist of only 2 years experience, but am currently in my freshman year at Jacksonville University receiving private lessons and playing in their Wind Ensemble. I absolutely love the flute though, and even though I'm not planning on a career in it (I'm studying engineering now), I will certainly continue to play it and get better at it. So that's enough about me. I'm sure I'll have great fun discussing all things flutes with y'all.

Welcome to the VSM forums, glorfindel!! I'm kind of teaching myself to play flute, only started a couple weeks ago and somehow I lost my crown so I was told I shouldn't play anymore until I get another one. I'm trying to find one now but am not having much luck.
I hope you enjoy it here, sometimes though, we can get a little crazy!!!
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