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Originally Posted by jeeViola
Some churches are blessed with "orchestra musicians" such as YKB and myself.
Examples would be strings woodwinds brass etc.
A good music director would provide orchestrations for the purpose of enhancing the worship service. Much in the same way that an Organ would.

How many 70 year olds do you know who like Rock music?

Oh ok. I might be ok with that, depending on how much. Kwim? Our music director can't read music to save his life and he doesn't do any "directing" at all! That's why I have such a hard time playing piano with him, he doesn't read the music right and 90% of the time has the wrong tune. It definitely make the worship service interesting!! My dad wants to take over the music since he knows how to read and direct it and I play a lot better with my dad!

*smacks forehead* DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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