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Umm... Let's see you gotta know:

~The basics of whatever instrument you are composing for...
~The Ranges of whatever instruments you are composing for...
~The playability of what you write is always important to watch...
~The progression of different chords... (Mostly accompianment on Vo. songs)
~There is also some theory, here are links to some sites with that
(I use these the ranges some of the time, the virginia tech one a lot)

(I've never used these so I don't know what you're gonna get)

Hopefully this helps, umm... so anyone else want to help me explain then go right on and do it (I know that I basically started 'cause something sounded cool, and then I took a class on it in school freshman year and I loved it, so I kept composing).

Anyway TVL just start by composing for your own instrument until everything starts making more sense, and it may help a bit.
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