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Originally Posted by Fabrizio - VSM
So, what are your musical skills and knowledge? Just to know...

Thank you,

Are you asking everyone, or just MCAACMPSR2007?

Well just in case (so I don't have to come back in later on)...
I've been playing flute for 4 years now and am an excellent one at that. I'm not all that great at naming chords, but I've gotten really good at building chords and writing music. I'm really bad at lyrics, but hey! I write great instrumental music. I also play a little bit of piano, but I've never had lessons on it before in my life. I've also gotten really good at writing piano solos and the's included in almost everything I write. As for knowledge...I've never been in a theory class, but I do study a good bit of theory and know quite a bit about making pieces worth playing/listening to. (Although a lot of what I write is extremely hard to play...I've written several pieces in the key of Cb)
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