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One quick question how do you attach files... (The sample I'm going to put on here won't be ready until Saturday at the earliest, but I can tell you a little about it now).

The piece that I will put up here is called "Festivo A Due Tromba" which translates to 'Festival For Two Trumpets' but I like the Italian better... anyway it has a quick tempo, and stays mostly on the chords, also there are some 16th note runs

I may put another piece up here that is called, "Daybreak In Alabama" which is based on the poem of the same name which was writen by Langston Hughes, this piece was a part of my poetry project in English this past school year (going to arts school is great for blending your true interests into your school work). When the whole thing is completed it will hopefully become a Trumpet standard... I still have to wirte the accompanying parts (I think I'm keep with my original plan of trumpet with orchestra, but I may just wirte a piano accompaniment to it and call it done... nah! full orchestra back up is so much more powerful). It is a flowing piece that is meant to bring out the images of the poem.

To read the poem go here:

Just close the pop-up... this was the site that I found that was the easiest to get to the poem... I found it in my text book, eh whatever.
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