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Originally Posted by Fabrizio - VSM
I am sorry, but I don't understand what you mean... please, can you tell me more?


I was bored last night so I sent myself an e-mail saying... and I quote

"Dude I am so bored... Could you write me a piece for viola and piano, that is joyous but with tones of sadness."

The sad thing is that is how I actually talk half of the time.

It was just that way something would be in one of my e-mail accounts. It was a joke.
Update- I will have the better part of thirteen pages of "Festivo A Due Tromba" re-typed tonight, and if its not done by Wednesday then I really slacked off...

Also I will probably be re-typing and re-writing another "A Due Tromba" piece, I unfortunately didn't get a chance to print this one out before the evil computer died... Anyway I have whats left of the original on paper which is only 2 1/2 of the I think 15 pages (Keep your eyes open for "Fiesta A Due Tromba" thats okay it needed to be shortened). I will also re-write "Cirque A Due Tromba" and place it on here to.

Whoever gets the chance to listen to the pieces I put up here, please leave feedback on how you think they sound.

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