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Old 03-19-2009, 01:01 AM
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Default Basic Questions from a decent sax player and new clarinetist

One of my students wanted to double on clarinet so I bought a student model myself and am trying to remember the lessons I had 30 years ago in college when I was a mus ed major. So, I have the Demnitz and Baerman studies to keep me busy. My basic problems are not knowing when to use R or L hand pinky keys for say a B, E or F# scales. I understand that you need to use a R, L, R combo when you hit D#, Eb to avoid sliding. Next is my Vito clarinet and Hite Premere mouthpiece are okay but I'd be willing to spend a little for a piece upgrade. Any recommendations? Ksaxman.com
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Old 12-18-2010, 07:06 PM
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Default clarinet mouthpiece

Unless you want to go to a music store and try out dozens of mouthpieces for the "perfect" one, get a Vandoren B45 mouthpiece for your clarinet. Vito makes clarinets, not mouthpieces. As for the little fingers, what is "correct" is what works without sliding, as you have already discovered. I got tired of thinking about it, so I added a left handed Eb key to my clarinet about 25 years ago
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